Emergency Rental Assistance Program

 Anyone that needs rental assistance, who is not currently receiving it from another source, should consider applying to this new program if they meet the eligibility requirements, found here.  

Eligibility Requirements
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INHP Rent-focused mortgage lending

It’s not uncommon for renters to begin exploring homeownership only to be stopped by their credit challenges. Even if they are committed to paying their rent bill each month, people can get stuck in long-term rental situations because of their imperfect credit.

At INHP, we are determined to find innovative ways to help families reach their goals, especially when we know there are successful renters who are capable of being successful homeowners when given the opportunity.

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Indy Renter Help

Indy Renter Help was built by the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. The purpose of the site is to provide self-help tools and resources to struggling Hoosier renters so that they can obtain the protection they are entitled to under the current CDC Federal Eviction Moratorium.

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Trinity Haven

Trinity Haven provides safe, affirming housing for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing housing instability.

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Emergency Youth Shelter | Stopover, Inc

Call our 24-Hour Crisis Line 317.635.9301. Stopover provides safe shelter, supportive services, and housing to unaccompanied youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis.

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Model organizations 

City Life / Vida Urbana
Read about how a few tenants organizing in 1973 prevented evictions and became a force for low-income housing in Boston.
Link: https://www.clvu.org/history

Learn about how BASTA in California pioneered having tenants take their cases to Jury trial to even the odds in court.
Link: https://www.basta.org/aboutus

Internet Resources for Low-Income Families in Indianapolis 

This resource provides detailed information on your local organizations that provide discounted distance learning devices, remote learning programs, and free wireless internet access in Indianapolis. 

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Indianapolis Low Income Housing

Find affordable rentals & housing options for low income families and individuals.

CHIP Handbook of Help - available in multiple languages
Helping Veterans and Families (HVAF) Indiana

Indianapolis Tenant Hotline (Marion County residents only)

This new tenant initiative provides legal information about tenant's rights, and makes referrals to legal aid, when appropriate:

Hotline: (317) 327-2228 (2ACT)

Tenant Legal Assistance Project

This hotline assists low-income tenants who live in Marion County and are facing legal questions about eviction, habitability and other tenant-landlord issues. Legal assistance is offered by phone every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1pm.

Hotline: (317)-973-1673

Indiana Legal Help

Hoosiers facing eviction can talk to a lawyer at free legal aid clinics offered regularly around the state. At a clinic, lawyers are there to explain tenant’s rights and responsibilities, prepare participants for the eviction process, help with eviction sealing, and provide referrals to other services. Clinics are held in person at convenient locations like courts or libraries or remotely through Zoom.

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DSA Housing For All

Has a campaign of supporting tenants across Indiana.  Click "learn More" below to view resources listed for tenants.

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KC Tenants - COVID Organizing Toolkit

KC Tenants, an organization led by a multiracial, anti-racist, multigenerational base of poor and working class tenants in Kansas City, created a detailed toolkit to help tenants organize, no matter your previous experience with organizing. Get information about what is a tenant union and how to start organizing one. You can find the organizing toolkit below.

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New Tool for Renters and Landlords

HoosierHousingHelp.com launched as a product of the Indiana Eviction Task Force. This tool is a one-stop-shop of resources available to Indiana renters and landlords.

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