Community Land Trust Consultant

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

For Community Land Trust Consultant


Issue Request for Qualification

September 14, 2022

Question & Answer Period

September 14 - 28, 2022

RFQ Submissions Due

September 30, 2022, 11:59 PM


The Kheprw Institute wishes to incubate the Indianapolis Community Land Trust (CLT) to promote affordable homeownership, ensure that public land is used to the benefit of the community, and secure economic diversity and lasting affordability. We are seeking an experienced consulting organization to assist in community education, feasibility analysis, business planning, program design and implementation recommendations. We have done some initial feasibility and community education with the support of Michael Brown of Burlington Associates and want our new consulting team to build off of this work and help the CLT to launch in 2023.


  • Education
    • The consultant will help to educate a broader group of community stakeholders on CLTs, various models and how they could have a positive impact on Indianapolis. This will include the newly formed advisory board by the end of 2022.
  • Feasibility
    • We have done some initial feasibility work, but need to refresh and build upon it and to look at market conditions and funding sources that could sustain a CLT in the long-term.
  • Business Planning
    • SWe will need staffing recommendations, budget based on projected portfolio growth, based on the assumption that the CLT will start as a program of Kheprw Institute and spin off as a separate 501c3 organization within 2 years.  
  • Affordable Pricing and Resale Formula Development
    • Help refine our target market and who the CLT will serve, what can they afford to pay for housing and determine the amount of subsidy, affordable price and type of housing we would want to pursue. Additionally looking at how the resale formula should be structured to maintain long-term affordability. 
  • Legal Document Customization
    • Help us draft a ground lease which we will use to enforce the resale formula. 
  • Stewardship Policies and Procedures
    • Develop policies and procedures to steward the assets of the CLT.
  • Support on Initial Projects
    • Provide technical support for the CLT’s initial projects.


  1. DESCRIPTION OF APPROACH:  Up to three pages describing the Consultant’s typical approach to projects similar to this one and two or three examples of past experience delivering similar services.
  2. PROPOSED TIMELINE:  Proposed timeline on when pieces of the work will be completed including the final deliverables in 2023.
  3. DELIVERABLES: The documents and work that will be completed by the end of the engagement.

*Submissions should be emailed to by Friday September 30, 2022, 11:59 PM.


Consultants responding to this RFQ must demonstrate the following, which will be the basis for evaluating submissions, listed in order of importance/weight: 

  • Proven track record of providing technical support to successfully launch CLTs in many different cities/markets
  • Experience in providing CLT educational support for community stakeholders
  • Ability to provide ongoing support and ongoing learning opportunities for CLT staff and stakeholders

Kheprw Institute will evaluate all submittals to determine which Consultants have the experience and qualifications that are most suited for this project. Kheprw Institute may request personal interviews with the highest-ranked Consultants or may request one or more prospective Consultants to submit additional materials.