kheprw institute

building community wealth

At the Kheprw Institute, building community wealth is harnessing the collective power that resides in under-resourced communities, especially Black communities, to create the opportunities and environment we want to live in. It is tapping into our vision of what it means to live and be in community with each other creating vibrant, resilient, sustainable places where we come together to support each other, raise our families, educate our children, start and run businesses and contribute to the health and well-being of the community as a whole. 


how are we going to do this?

By marshalling resources in Indianapolis to invest cultural capital, financial capital, intellectual capital and social capital in under-resourced communities:

  • cultural capital - tapping into the arts to tell our stories and inspire creativity in addressing the challenges, 
  • financial capital - helping low-income entrepreneurs start, stabilize and grow their businesses accessing needed capital, 
  • intellectual capital - demonstrating how working together we can make healthy food affordable and accessible and using data to serve the needs of grassroots communities in making informed decisions and
  • social capital - building relationships that strengthen our connections to and support for each, 

By building community wealth, we are helping to elevate community vision, leadership and voice creating shared prosperity in under-invested communities that collective community benefit.   

Our Community Wealth Building Programs

With an emphasis on expanding community empowerment through shared prosperity our community wealth building initiative is carried out through the following programs: 

  • Our small business center will support entrepreneurs to start, stabilize and grow their businesses creating community wealth in under-resourced communities. Entrepreneurs from low-income communities will have access to our
      • accelerator/incubator
      • business development services
      • technical and back-end support and
      • patient financial capital 
  • A place where creatives come together to work, conduct business and connect with each other. Where community members can enjoy art, music, film and other cultural events. Providing a space for local residents and artists to give life and expression to the world they envision where everyone is valued, respected and supported it includes:
      • co-working office environment 
      • meeting space and
      • event/performance venue

Since the pandemic all activities have been moved online.

  • Our monthly community-led food cooperative that provides fresh affordable food and supports local farmers. All of our food is purchased directly from small-scale local farmers, with an emphasis on chemical-free methods. We have some of the freshest food in the entire city of Indianapolis for a great wholesale value. 

Covid-19 Resource Bank

  • In response to the pandemic, we created two community funds, the LEAD Support Fund and the Community Now Fund to provide $500 grants to artists, entrepreneurs, individuals and families. Recipients are selected via a random lottery. In addition, we added a Covid resource page to our website, which list resources and information to assist individuals and families during these difficult times. 

Democratizing Data

  • Is an initiative to train and develop inter-generational grassroots community members to use public data to inform community projects and public policy advocacy.

How can you help?

We are excited about the possibilities that exist to bring about real change in under-resourced communities by building community wealth. Join us in working to make Indianapolis a more equitable city. Help us to achieve this vision. Be an agent of change. 


Triple Your Donation

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Offline Contributions

 To make a contribution via the mail, please make the checks payable to Kheprw Institute and send to P.O. Box 88856, Indianapolis IN 46208. To make a contribution in person contact Pambana Uishi at or 317-329-4803 x 727.