About KI Aquaponics

KI Aquaponics is an enclosed environment to grow fish and plants symbiotically together. This project empowers through education and ways to grow food for oneself and one's community, also the creation of new economic opportunities. The crops are grown via hydroponics, which is the placing of the crops in nutrient rich water. This water is the same water used for the habitat of the fish. It is a closed system that can be constructed indoors or outdoors. Currently the aquaponics farm is utilized as an educational platform for the community and is being as well as a feasible approach to community economic development.
  • 2009KI attends Powershift in Washington D.C.
    Kheprw youth attended a Powershift conference where they learned about aquapnics and decided to create our own system here in Indy.
  • 2010KI Aquaponics
    KI Aquaponics began as a research project of one of our summer interns Chinyelu Mwaafrika (10 years old at the time). He became an expert on aquaponics and we took several trips up to The Plant in Chicago to learn from other aquaponics farmers.
  • 2013 KI Aquaponics launched
    Through a great deal of trial, error and a lot of learning we were able to launch our aquaponics system in June 2013. At that time it was the largest aquaponics operation in Indianapolis.
  • 2014 Partnership with Duos
    In 2012, KI began partnering with Duos Indy, a local restaurant focused on healthy, sustainable food. Every week KI youth pick-up vegetable waste from Duos which they compost to use in our urban agriculture gardening projects. In 2014 We started selling basil and arugula grown in our aquaponics to Duos.
  • 2017 KI aquaponics moves to northwest neighborhood
    To demonstrate that aquaponics can be done anywhere with any amount of space we set up our system in a garage at the KI Urban Farm. The farm serves as the home base for our aquaponics, composting, and urban agriculture initiatives.

Want a tour?

Contact program director Paulette Fair at pfair@kheprw.org