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8 June 2019
- Kheprw Institute
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Do you need somewhere to showcase your art? Do you need an audience to perform in front of? Do you need other artists’ input on your work? Do you need a place to gather and discuss your work? Would you like to learn from experts in your field? Come to Cafe Creative!  

Cafe Creative is a place where creativity is fostered through thoughtful conversations, exposure to different perspectives, artistic voices and expressions.  This will be a space that feeds and speaks to the individual and collective soul of the community and that calls us to value and uplift everyone.

At the core of the Kheprw Institute’s mission, we value both the community and individual, and seek to fully develop the potential of both. Our work is always people focused, and we want to empower people to pursue their own creativity as a means of improving their own lives, and contributing to their own community.  

Here at Cafe Creative, we have created a place dedicated to this sole purpose. We want to see the art in everyone! This will provide a space for individuals to work together in their community to practice and perfect their craft, and to hear feedback from other artists. We aim to be a hub of conversation, laughter, creation, and community in the northwest neighborhoods of Indianapolis.


We will be having a conversation about the purpose and creation of Cafe Creative on May 2nd, 2019, at the Central Library located at 40 East Saint Clair St at 6:00 pm. Get your tickets below!

We will also be hosting a reception afterwards at the Kheprw Institute located at 3549 Boulevard Place. This will begin at 8:00 pm.

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Kheprw Institute

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