Get Started with Solar Info Session

Come learn about how to get started with solar with a local group of volunteers which launched Solarize Indianapolis. This group has come together to help people save money when buying solar panels by negotiating with a contractor to purchase in bulk.

Many people like the idea of having solar panels on their homes but feel daunted by their lack of knowledge about solar energy or worry that solar panels may not be a sound investment. Others can’t make the time to find a reputable solar contractor or fear that they’ll receive a poor price or product. Still others may not see going solar as something that regular folks do.

Solarize Indianapolis is a team of volunteers who are motivated to promote clean, affordable energy in our community. This Initiative is modeled on the best elements of other grass-roots programs around the country, which have been successful in delivering simple, cost-effective means to obtain solar energy.

Note we are not selling anything. We are volunteers excited to share our experience and want to get more solar panels installed in the Indianapolis area as soon as possible.

The benefits of attending this information session:
1. You will be more informed about the decision to go solar by people who have already done it.
2. With this project, going solar is easy – we navigate the challenging parts for you, vetting contractors, prices and products.
3. We’re all volunteer – we have no skin in the game.
4. Going solar feels great and saves you money.
5. By going solar now, you’re in great company – lots of people have done it and lots more will do so with this project.
6. The time is now to get started.
7. This is happening all over the state. It’s already been done in NW IN, Columbus and Bloomington and it’s being done in Carmel, Elkhart, Evansville, Goshen, Kokomo, Muncie and South Bend.
8. You will benefit from a lower cost because of the price negotiated through collective agreements.
9. You will be able to move forward more rapidly and with confidence than if you do it on your own.

The event is finished.

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