Circle City Exchange: Potluck and Co-design #2

Want to join a network of community members for social & ecological good? Want to keep value local and reclaim “exchange” as a tool for building relationships and cultivating community agency?

>>> Every Fourth Sunday <<< Calling all local businesses, social initiatives, and community members: This is the second monthly pitch-in where we will continue to design and implement a community currency program that will likely be comprised of: - a directory to amplify enterprises and initiatives committed to community values - a monthly exchange/ market event - a credit-system for indirect bartering and giving POTLUCK! Bring a dish to share or just yourself! >>> Outcomes <<< Money is a measure of access, and therefore a measure of power. When community controls the measuring stick, we will be able to leverage the human interaction of exchange to: - Develop relationships and skills - Meet community members' needs - Center the gifts at the margins Relationships are primary, let’s spend more time interacting in the ways that we want—redefining the hustle to embody our values—and acknowledge that everyone has a gift to share. Let’s build community through equity. Want to know more? See the notes from last time:

The event is finished.

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