Our Team

Imhotep Adisa

Imhotep Adisa is the Executive Director of the Kheprw Institute, a non-profit organization focused on youth development in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to building the Kheprw Institute from the ground up, Imhotep spent nine years in public education in capacities that involved training, technology and administration. After leaving this arena, he started and ran a successful business enterprise for more than a decade. Imhotep’s primary emphasis has been and continues to be developing the leadership capacity of young people through engaging them in community building and community empowerment.

Diop Adisa

Diop Adisa was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Broad Ripple high school and IUPUI. He is currently 29 years old and has been with the grassroots community organization Kheprw Institute (KI) since it’s inception back in 2003. To describe him simply, he’s an artist, activist and entrepreneur. He’s apart of the social enterprise KI NuMedia (www.kinumedia.org) which is a web graphic video and social media design company. He’s also an independent hip hop artists who has work within the Indianapolis hip hop community for the past 10 years.

Paulette Fair

Paulette Fair is a co-founder of the Kheprw Institute. She has a passion for empowering black youth to succeed academically and gain valuable life skills that will serve them and their community into adulthood. In the summer of 2003, Fair, Imhotep Adisa and Pambana Uishi founded KI to provide tutoring for her grandson, her colleague’s son and a couple of their friends in reading, algebra and public speaking. Since then she has served as KI’s program director and overseen it’s growth to serve a broad group of youth and community who work to improve themselves and change the world.

Tabitha Barbour

Passionate about equity and justice, Tabitha’s work is driven around seeing and creating opportunity. She is the Girls eSTEAM Club Coordinator, where she inspires girls ages 10-18 years old to build their confidence and skills in the areas of eSTEAM. She is a co-coordinator and chef for We Run This, a food social enterprise fostering creativity, healing, and agency in system-involved youth. When she is not working, Tabitha is building a portfolio of poetry and other writings and studying to foster skills for personal and community wellness.

john gieryn

john gieryn works to lift up under-heard voices and serves community through allyship & solidarity not charity. He facilitates and convenes projects that embolden groups to collaboratively inquire, brainstorm, & strategize to grow capacity through mutual accountability. He works to strengthen relationships across socio-economic barriers, and uses music, art, & food to invite community wisdom and action. john is an Equity Fellow at KI and a co-founder of its social enterprise, the Indy Art | Media Cooperative Tool Lending Library.

Leah Humphrey

Leah is an organizer with Indy10 Black Lives Matter Indianapolis, an Equity Fellow with the Kheprw Institute, and is also social media director for the Kheprw Institute. Leah is a student who plans to graduate with a degree in Philanthropy. Her goal is to help uplift and build her community. Leah has been with KI for one year and believes in their community empowerment model.

Scott Janz

Scott is a coordinator and chef for “We Run This”, a food-based social enterprise fostering restorative justice, teaching culinary and life skills, and developing self-mastery in young people currently embroiled in the system. Passionate about music, as an oboist and composer, Scott earned a Bachelor’s in Music Composition from Butler University in 2012. In his free time, he teaches oboe lessons, bakes bread, paints, sings, travels, and snuggles with his beautiful cat, Admiral Ackbar.

Stacia Murphy

James Baldwin once said, “If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.” As a community advocate, Baldwin’s timeless wisdom is a steady compass for her work. With a BA in Psychology and MA in Sociology, her education is the foundation for amplifying community needs. Stacia built her experience in project and client management in business and nonprofits for over a decade. A musician, she volunteers with arts organizations lending her extensive network of community relationships and creativity. Her energetic inquisitive son is a driving force of her love and advocacy.

Aghilah Nadaraj

Aghilah Nadaraj is an Equity Fellow and grantwriter with the Kheprw Institute. As a graduate of Indiana University in International studies, she is passionate about social justice and equity especially within the global context. Working with Kheprw she has facilitated community discussions, wrote grants to support the organizations work and is now is working with other youth within the Climate Justice Alliance to establish a Youth Collective that brings in the perspective of youth within the broader climate justice movement.

Rasul Palmer

My Name is Rasul Palmer. I worked for the Kheprw Institute as IT support for 9 years. I am currently acting as the IT manager for Kheprw Proper, KI Numedia, a graphic design web design company, ans Scarabys Consulting. Me and my team handle issues ranging from web troubleshooting to file sorting, to hardware & software research.

Keenan Rhodes

Keenan is an intern and Equity Fellow at Kheprw Institute and a senior at Indiana University studying global journalism and Portuguese. Since being a part of the institute, he has played various roles in the organization’s empowerment enterprises. As an Equity Fellow, he teaches digital storytelling to community youth through photography and videography. He also is a part of Diop Music’s management team. Keenan is committed to empowering others through providing tools and knowledge to help communities create and control their own narratives.

Alvin Sangsuwangul

Alvin Sangsuwangul grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. He has worked as an activist and advocate for environmental justice and community empowerment across the country and abroad in San Bernardino, Eastern Kentucky and Thailand. For the last 7 years he has worked with Kheprw Institute and Scarabys Consulting honing his skills as a social entrepreneur as a co-leader of KI NuMedia.

Pambana Uishi

Pambana Uishi is the Office Manager and one of the founders of the Kheprw Institute. In her current position, she handles the accounting, fund development and grants management aspects of the organization. Prior to joining the staff, she worked to encourage civic engagement, as an independent consultant and assisted youth and adults in finding and obtaining employment. With over 30 years of experience in youth development, she is committed to empowering youth with the skills, abilities and opportunities needed to be a positive force for change in their communities and in the world.

Precious Williams

As Lead Graphic Designer of KI NuMedia, Precious Williams is known as the jack of all trades when it comes to design department. Precious’ higher education has earned her an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelors in Visual Communications from IUPUI. But when it comes her skills and talents she knows how to take information in a visual and appealing way that helps clients connect with their audiences.

Mimi Zakem

Mimi Zakem was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She studied environmental management at Indiana University Bloomington where her passion for community-based social change and food system work blossomed. She moved to Indianapolis in 2015 to work with urban farmers as an AmeriCorps VISTA, when she connected with the Kheprw Institute and became heavily involved with the Community Controlled Food Initiative as an approach to fresh food access and community building. Mimi is grateful for heaps of mentorship and community love, as she works toward self-mastery and growing her contribution to community.